July 26, 2015


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Do I Have To Maintain My Pool After “Pool Season” Is Over?


  • Weather changes, especially a warmer winter, might cause algae and similar growth in your pool.
  • If your property has lots of foliage or debris surrounding your pool it is imperative that you have weekly pool cleaning service. Neglect of your swimming pool during the winter months will make preparing for the summer months more costly and time consuming!
  • Weekly checkups and equipment inspection can prevent costly damage to your pool equipment during winter freezing conditions.


Do I Need To Clean My Pool Filter?


  • You should have your filter cleaned twice per year during the spring and fall.  Extenuating circumstances might cause you to need your filter cleaned more often.
  • Cleaning your filter regularly will prevent potential costly repairs due to equipment failure.
  • Cleaning your filter regularly will prevent poor pool circulation which can lead to algae and circulation problems.
  • Cleaning your filter regularly will increase circulation in your pool and make your pool run more efficiently thus potentially lowering electricity bills.


If I Have Dirty/Cloudy Water In My Pool, What Should I Do?


It could be a result of a dirty/clogged filter, or it could be the result of some piece of equipment needing repair. You also could be having issues with chemicals that were used that are not appropriate for your specific needs.


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