Top 3 Reasons to Clean Your Swimming Pool Filter

Image of Dallas and Plano pool filter

A swimming pool filter is the single most important component in keeping your pool clean year around. Almost all swimming pools use a D.E. (Diatomaceous Earth) or a cartridge filter as the primary filtration system for a swimming pool. Older swimming pools might use sand filters which clean themselves, but tend not to do as good of a job as alternative filters.

Image of Dallas and Plano TX pool filterA pool filter is the life line of a swimming pool. All of the water that you swim in passes through the filter over and over as the system runs. A D.E. filter contains grids that are coated with D.E which is a white powder made up of fossilized diatoms that act as a sponge not allowing gunk/grime to pass through the grids. As more and more dirt transfers through to the filter it starts to build up causing water clarity to diminish.


Image of Dallas and Plano Texas pool filterWhy keep it clean?

  1. Prolong your filters life… The weight that a dirty filter carries could be upwards of 20-30 pounds of extra stress. Not cleaning your filter could cause the grids to break which is very costly.
  2. Decrease the stress on pump and motor… The more build up of dirt and grime in the filter causes the motor to work 3X as hard causing a significant increase in your electricity bill.
  3. Stay algae free… A dirty filter will cause poor circulation and inevitably cause algae to form in a pool.